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Hardware products export how to win the market

Date:2010-04-26 09:34:46

Hardware products export how to win the market
In today's highly competitive market, playing a number of worthy of international brands match for consumers to accept the brand to be based on the export power of the invincible, improve the quality of hardware to optimize the product structure can not be ignored. Only guarantee the quality of China's hardware will have a better tomorrow.
More and more hardware companies find "brand" has become an indispensable element in the market competition, they recognize the need to re-brand their own brand and brand management system vitality, it will not be continuously changing and competitive environment out of touch. In today's China hardware industry, the choice of brand often convey the recognition that higher product quality, good purchasing experience, and reliable after-sales service.
All along, the foreign trade hardware industry has a word is very popular: "left" is king. To be precise, this is only a possibility. The key is to be able to do the same as the real foreign trade, can the advantages of foreign trade and domestic sales of personalized graft, out of the heart of the consumer products. It can be said that foreign trade hardware companies to open up overseas markets, product quality is a top priority, or to not go out of the country, even the "slip through the net" will be returned or punished.
However, with the continuous development of society, this traditional concept is gradually changing, replaced by the brand image. "In the past, foreign buyers have been paying more and more attention to the competitiveness of the company, and they are more optimistic about the brand image," said a manager of a foreign trade hardware company.
The quality of export products is good or bad, determines whether the hardware companies to retain foreign customers, attracting repeat customers. However, the gradual shortening of the product life cycle, has made the majority of hardware companies to gradually form a consensus: brand is the best carrier to build and extend competitive advantage, for the lasting competitiveness of a strategic decision.
Do you remember the particularly popular jingle? First-class enterprises to do brand, second-rate enterprises to do products. No wonder no one is willing to do the product, no matter how good, that is, a second-rate enterprises.
The pursuit of consumer brand value, is nearly 20 years to promote China's economic change is an important force.
In the era of homogenization, the implementation of brand strategy in the business than to create a good product, to provide good service more important. The brand as a new core competitiveness to be built hardware business marketing thrust.
Build brand, does not mean that the influence of heavily manufacturing, but in the minds of consumers implanted cognitive and associative elements, so that inanimate products personalized, personalized, visualization, this is the essence of branding. Brand is the relationship, experience, value of the carrier, it is based on the product but beyond the product itself, and then developed into a product - the symbol of consumer relations. Branding means that the product as a living fresh individual, in the same communication with consumers. Brand building is the core business model of cognitive possession, it has also become a practical strategy for marketing the first business.
Creating a brand is in many cases equivalent to creating a blue ocean. When you think of World, Stanley, Bosch, the value proposition, quality, function and so on of related products will naturally come to mind, draw an invisible boundary between them and other competitors. In other words, as long as it can create a successful brand, it is equal to the realization of the blue ocean strategy.

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