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Hardware companies how to offer customers a reasonable

Date:2010-04-26 09:24:34

Hardware companies how to offer customers a reasonable
 Year of the Tiger just past the Chinese New Year, through the festive atmosphere of the opening of the hardware business certainly indispensable, the necessary preparatory work done, we must consider how to promote business. Business is carried out smoothly, how to quote with the customer is learning. For example, mold quotation.

Mold offer is the door to learn
  If you are new, so the cost of the blank mold, labor costs, outsourcing material costs, design costs, processing supplies, equipment depreciation. .... catch out just fine, specifically how much money to make reference to the views of the boss. As for the drawings do not know how to look hard to say, because we do not know at what level. At least you have to understand the mold design and processing and some hidden mold defects, so it is relatively easy to calculate.
  Before the offer with the customer, we must first clear the two factors - objective and subjective factors, and only give full consideration to these two factors in order to develop a more reasonable, they can accept the price floor, and then to offer customers .
  Quotation seems to be a very simple question, it is not. Price is too high, the guests will scare away, too low and lose, only a reasonable professional offer, in order to win more customers for us. How can we make a reasonable offer? Here is a certain skill.

Subjective factor
The level of product prices with its quality and supply and demand are closely related. Quote before you first of all to their products and price, the main target market, similar products and prices to make a full understanding. Under normal circumstances is the case:
  1、If your product quality is relatively better, the offer must be higher。
  2、If your products in the market in short supply, of course, can also be reported higher prices。
  3、If your product is a new product, style and relatively new, usually offer a higher than the mature products。
  4、Even if the same product, at different stages, due to market factors and quotas and other effects, quotes are not the same, be sure to learn more about the information, exercise a keen sense of smell。
In addition to these two factors, in the offer, there are some skills can be used。

Quote skills
  If your product price is high, in the offer, we must find ways to make customers fully aware of your products in other areas of the advantages。
  A health-care company sells a particularly expensive oral solution for women, which is much more expensive than a competitor's, but when a salesperson introduces the product to the dealer, it emphasizes its effect and amount, that is, It is the effect of similar products can not be compared Moreover, only one day can take one, unlike other products every day to take three, so doing, its price is not high. The salesman's offer is easy to accept.
  In addition, the offer should also be the delivery time, payment methods, order number and other major trading conditions with the spread out, that is not limited to a price problem, but should be other conditions as interaction. Customers may pay great attention to the delivery date, you have reported the delivery period of 35 days, and customers made 30 days of delivery. Where feasible, you can meet the delivery of the guests, but the delivery period is too tight on the grounds, the appropriate increase in the price, then the other is also possible to accept, you will be able to fight for their own more than a profit.

Objective factors
  The military often said: know ourselves, know yourself. First of all, you have to start as much as possible to understand the customer's situation, so as to help you targeted to his targeted offer, that is, "personalized offer". For example, if a customer to your inquiry, you should first understand this customer is which country, which city, whether it belongs to your product sales group, its main product range of business and sales, wholesale, retail or mail order , Is a large customer or a small middleman, his purchasing power and sincerity, his familiarity with the product, etc., based on these information to establish a detailed customer file, according to the following several popular principle, the last Quote the price:
  1、If the other party is a large customer, his purchasing power is strong, you may be appropriate to report a higher price, on the contrary low。
  2、If the customer is very familiar with the product and the price, I suggest you use the "comparison" in negotiations with him, highlighting the advantages of their products, peer shortcomings, prices close to the reserve price, it is possible from the beginning " Guests.
  3、if the customer character is more straightforward, do not like to go round the bargain with you, you'd better start his own card, so as not to report the high price suddenly scared him away.
  4、if the customer character is more straightforward, do not like to go round the bargain with you, you'd better start his own card, so as not to report the high price suddenly scared him away.
  5、5, if some customers are particularly sensitive to the price, every cent per cent to fight, and he fancy your product, you must have enough patience, with the guests to play a "psychological warfare", ask or try to figure out The target price of the guests, followed by their own reserve price can be compared to look at how much the gap. For example, his target price is 12 yuan, and you can afford the price is 13 yuan, you better report 14 yuan, counter-offer you can be divided into multi-step, let more, let guests see hope, Step by step to reduce, do not step in place, but should be at every step, so that guests slowly tasted the sweetness, see hope, but also through hard work to get, so that guests finally have a feeling of winning.
  Keep in mind that you must not give the lowest price directly to the customer at the outset, since if you give in before the end of the negotiations, you will not be able to mobilize the buyer's weight in the last minute.
Dongfeng has been, the Chinese hardware companies are still waiting for anything.

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