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Hardware industry news

Date:2010-04-26 10:00:23

Hardware industry news
  Speaking from the industry characteristics, the hardware industry does not exist sunrise or sunset, both in the international or domestic, it is a more obvious characteristics of the traditional industries. Its competitiveness and market space in the end how much?

Domestic hardware market distribution
  China's hardware and tools market is mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shandong (Linyi Hardware City) and other places, including Zhejiang, Guangdong and Shandong most prominent. Zhejiang Yongkang has always been known as the "Hardware Township", and Zhejiang market awareness is very strong, from the original hot pot products, stainless steel insulation Cup to the rage last year, scooters, to bring them rolling financial resources. The hardware production in Linyi in Shandong has been more than 100 years of history, but because of capital, market and awareness of multiple issues, a few years ago to low-mid-range products. In recent years has been gradually improved.   
 Guangdong: will soon become the world's mold production center. At present, around the Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta region gathered more than 6,000 die enterprises, employing more than 100,000 people. Has been held in Shenzhen for five times the South China International Mold Fair, attracted 25 countries and regions, more than 1,000 enterprises to participate in today's China is the most professional and international standards of the mold industry exhibition.

International Hardware Tools Market
  1.Developed countries will be middle and low product transfer to the third world Due to the rapid development of production technology and the high labor cost, the developed countries have accelerated the transfer of middle and low-grade products to the third world, and only produce some high value-added products.
  2.DIY products become the new darling of the hardware market In recent years, in Europe and the United States with the developed countries of the architectural hardware products designed for easy installation and maintenance-based, self-assembly (do it yourself) products and tools greatly welcomed by the market. According to industry analysis of the soil, the next two years, the domestic architectural hardware products will also be intelligent, humane development path.

Domestic hardware tools market dynamics

  1.China's daily hardware industry into the forefront of the world
  From 1996 to now, China has established a zipper, electric shavers, stainless steel utensils, wok, blades, bicycle locks and other 14 technology development centers, pressure cookers, electric shavers, lighters and other 16 product centers. These centers are currently the industry's most vanguard, and some have become the vanguard of the world, such as Supor cookware company to produce high-grade electric pressure cooker; Zhejiang Superman Group electric shavers production has more than Sanyo, Japan, becoming the world's third largest shaving device Production enterprises; Wenzhou big tiger lighter factory in China's largest manufacturer of metal lighters, and achieved good economic returns.
  2.China has gradually become the world's largest metal processing and exporting countries
  China has become the world's largest producer of metal, has a vast market and consumer potential. Although a few years ago the financial crisis on China's hardware exports a slight impact, but from 1999 began to improve. The export volume of foreign exchange earned by foreign exchange rose from $ 2.76 billion in 1995 to $ 3.847 billion in 1999, an increase of 71.74 percent, an average annual increase of 11.4 percent, followed by steady growth. In 2002, China's hardware industry output value reached 189.5 billion yuan, an increase of 19.15 percent, customs statistics, total exports of 6.774 billion US dollars, up 24.51 percent, of which gas water heater production 2438400 units, an increase of 100% Of 19.18; locks 1.23 billion, an increase of 9.43 percent over the previous year; daily stainless steel products 415,000 tons, an increase of 24.56 percent. It is understood that China is now at least 70% of the hardware industry for private enterprises, the development of China's hardware industry the main force. On the other hand, the international hardware market: Europe and the United States developed countries due to the rapid development of production technology and labor prices, the universal production of products to developing countries, only the production of high value-added products, and China has a strong market potential , So more favorable for the development of metal processing and exporting power.

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