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The construction of the Expo and Disney settled for the hardware business to bring a lot of business opportunities

Date:2010-04-26 09:42:43

The construction of the Expo and Disney's Shanghai for the hardware business to bring a lot of business opportunities
  From the world's attention to the preparation of the Expo, to the well-known Disneyland's Shanghai, and then to November 22, the first held in Shanghai, "China Fair" opening ... ... This series of events, marking the foundation of Shanghai Facilities construction has entered a dire straits stage. The next two years, Shanghai on the hardware, building materials and other products demand will remain unabated.

National Hardware, building materials demand in Shanghai, especially evident
  November 22, China Building Decoration Materials Association, the Secretary-General Ren Changqing in Shanghai Jinshan International Trade City, "the first China Door Industry and Accessories Products Trade Fair", said China is becoming the world's largest production and use of windows and doors market, China Urban construction completed 500 million square meters a year, rural construction of 600 million square meters, 700 million square meters of public buildings. According to the door accounted for 10%, accounting for 20% of the windows, add up to 30% of the proportion of calculation, China has more than 500 million square meters of doors and windows a year market.
  Therefore, he predicted that China's windows and doors market in the future will continue to grow at an annual rate of 11% is expected in 2011 the output value of China's doors and windows will reach 195 billion yuan. In the domestic developed cities, especially in Shanghai last two years, the intensity of infrastructure construction, therefore, for hardware, building materials demand is also stronger than other parts of the country.

World Expo will lead to the birth of real estate hardware, building materials needs
  In order to successfully host the 2010 World Expo, Shanghai is carrying out large-scale infrastructure construction. It is understood that the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 before the Shanghai Municipal Government in the infrastructure investment will reach 200 billion yuan.
  The data show that the current Shanghai to determine the urban infrastructure projects, industrial construction projects, residential construction projects reached more than 800, doors and windows and other metal building materials market capacity has reached 20 billion yuan.
  At the same time, driven by the World Expo, the next two years Shanghai supporting commercial housing new construction and completion of the amount of about 200 million square meters, then the doors and windows and other metal building materials demand is also very large.
  Therefore, the huge market demand for China's door industry and hardware, accessories and other enterprises in Shanghai has brought unprecedented economic development opportunities.

Disney building hardware, building materials needs of the next two years
  Since Disney finalized construction in Shanghai, the work has begun to start, including the planning, the purchase of land, demolition and so on. It is understood that Shanghai Disney budget is currently a total investment of 244 billion. The total area will reach 4089435 square meters (about 6134 acres), it will be the United States Disney company in the world's largest land theme park.
Obviously, the construction of Disney project, Shanghai and surrounding areas for the development of architectural hardware market will have a great leading role in building hardware market warming just around the corner.

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